28 Dec 2018

[EN] Featured projects

This list only has projects that were featured in other websites. To see all my projects in detail, pelase visit my blog

Hackaday is mentioned a lot here. So, to quote wikipedia: “Hackaday is a blog which publishes several articles each day about hardware and software hacks. A hack refers to modifications of a product or software as well as the creation of something entirely new for convenience, novelty, functional or creative reasons”

2018 – Freeform robot

I made this robot specifically to compete in the Circuit Sculpture contest by Hackaday. It is a simple obstacle avoiding robot made in freeform style, so no PCBs.

Look at its wheels!

Featured on Hackaday.

2018 – Using an AVR programmer as a MIDI interface

I needed a MIDI adapter I could build in an afternoon. Ended up reprogramming a AVR programmer, used to program ATmegas, to act as a MIDI adapter. This post was shared by Hackster and Hackaday.

Featured on Hackaday as well the the Hackster blog

A usbasp can do a lot

2018 – Fixing my own motherboard

Despite not having any experience with motherboard repairs, I decided to open my single computer to try and fix my dead USB ports. Everything went ok, although with some problems on the way.

Lucky I got what I wanted

Featured on Hackaday

2018 – Using a decent CNC to mill PCBs

How I got to do good PCBs with a CNC T8, one of the cheapest CNCs available.

ok, não?

Featured on Hackaday

2018 - Tranlation of the Arduino reference to Portuguese

I have translated the entire language reference of Arduino to Portuguese. I still keeping updating it to sync with the English Reference.


You can check out the repository here. The translated reference can be found at

I also contribute to the English reference. In fact, I am a mantainer there too. The repository can be found on github.

2017 – USBASP as a cheap USB adapter for retro controllers

One of the easiest ways to adpat a retro controller or joypad to usb is using v-usb. I realised that maybe I could use the USBASP, a cheap avr programmer to conect old hardware to usb. I also ported Raphaël Assénat’s 4nes4snes code to run on the usbasp, getting 4 snes controllers conected to one usbasp, then using a single USB port.

USB is so hard to learn. I hope it stays around for long

Featured on Hackaday as well.

2017 – Adapting Chrome’s T-rex game to a Transistor tester

When you have a cheap component tester with a nice LCD screen, what do you do? Code the T Rex game from Chrome’s offline page, of course. The thing I like the most about this project was getting the game to run as fast as it could. I had to think a lot on how to tweak the functions not to waste cpu cycles.

Seriously. Why did I do this?

You guessed it, Hackaday too.

2016 – Arduino EPROM programmer.

Okay. If you read uo to here, you may have noticed that I just love retro video games hardware. I got to read or write EPROMS with an Arduino. This way I could run other games or homebrew software in my Super Nintendo.

I do love how electronics are so colorful these days

This was not only shared by Hackaday, but also by the guys over the Arduino blog.

2016 – Buring ROMs in the Pocketstation

Yes. I love weird hardware. The pocketstation was a tiny device that worked mainly as a memory card for the Playstation. However, it had a small lcd screen and could be used to play games or transfer saves to your friends. I managed to acces the data in the device, as well burn new games in it.

A pocketstation. Nice bit of japanese technology

As seen on Hackaday.

2016 – Backing up Game Boy Camera Pictures

Well, I got a Game Boy Camera and wanted the pictures in my computer. I cretaed a board to read or write Game Boy Cartridges and got to read the SRAM in the camera, backing up the pics in my computer.

I Need to update this project, btw

My text was featured on Hackaday and some retro games related foruns and blogs.

2015 – Mega drive cartridge from BIOS chips

This is when I got started in Hardware Hacking. Since I was a child, I had this Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge that did not work. When I found losts of memory chips (the BIOS) of old some old computers in the junk, I decided to burn all of the 4194304 bits into these chips, replaced the defective ROM with them and just play Sonic.  

A mega drive cartridge and some flash chips

This article was shared by Hackaday and Dangerous Prototypes

2014 – “Dot matrix” Printer

Well, I recycled the parts from the instructable above into a small printer. The picture is printed with a pen, with this instrucatbel I won three prizes from contests on Instructables.

Remember that dvd drive?

Second prize in the 2014 Microcontroller Contest

Firt Prize in the 2014 Remix contest

Runner up in the 2014 Tech Contest

2014 – Recycling CD/DVD drives

This is an Instructable where I taught people how to disassemble cd or dvd drives and suggested uses for the parts. This was actually before those micro CNCs with these steppers become common.

A dvd drive about to be disassembled

I won the second prize in the 2014 teach it contest with this instructable.