Hello, welcome to my webpage!

I'm Robson, an Electrical Engineer, currently enrolled on an MSc in Computer Science.

I have been working with embedded systems and IoT the past years. My expertise is micrcontrollers and low level programming. I am currently employed at Grendene S.A.

In my free time I write about eletronics, hardware hacking, programming and etcetera. Some of my projects have been featured in notorous pages, you can see them in Projects



List of featured projects. Only those that were shared by some website or awarded in a contest. All of my other projects can be seen on my blog.

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Visit my gallery to see pcitures taken by me. Photos of experiments, components, circuits, robots, electronic equipment and other related stuff.

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I document my projects at Dragão sem Chama. The blog has already been shared by Microchip, Arduino, Hackaday, Hackster, as other pages in the maker media.

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