My resume was previously available here as a pdf file, but I had to remove it due to an invasion of privacy. If you are interested in a full pdf version, just contact me via the contact form. Below I leave a short version of my qualifications.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

I have graduated in Electrical Engineering at Universidade Federal do CearĂ¡.

Exchange in Electronic Engineering

Visiting student through the Science without Borders program at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Technician in Information Technology

Technician Information Technology. Knowledge of Hardware, Networks and Programming.

Fluent English

CERF C1 level of English language proficiency.


Knowledge of ARM (STM32, NXP), AVR and PIC microcontrollers. As well their peripherals.

Code Versioning

Adept of git for code control and versioning.

PCB Design

Knowledge in drawing schematic diagrams and layout of printed circuit boards.


User of GNU / Linux operating systems since 2013. Comfortable with the command line interface and the OS tools.

Web Programming

Basic understanding of HTML and CSS. This site was customized by me.